I Call the Red One!

I Call the Red One!


Dimensions: 24”H x 48”W x 1.5”D

  • acrylic on canvas

  • palette knife

  • smooth textured background

  • subtle green undertones

  • light gloss finish

Free shipping and insurance in the lower 48.

(please contact us for shipping beyond the continental US).

the story:

The shiny new red swing that everyone else is calling, I ignore. I got your turn once and realized it isn’t a good ride. It is hung a little shorter than the others. Everyone else clammers over it, but I am content with all the extra rides I get on the blue ones without anyone else there to pressure me off. I am thankful that the crowd is distracted with the red one and misses seeing that the one getting the best swing is me. It is the secret I keep with the blue ones. 

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