Imaginary Friend

Imaginary Friend


Dimensions: 24"H x 18"W x 1.5"D

  • acrylic on canvas

  • palette knife

  • smooth textured background

  • subtle gray undertones

  • gloss finish with subtle striations

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(please contact us for shipping beyond the continental US).

the story:

I jump on my swing and my friend jumps on the other swing next to me. Side by side. I talk on and on about pumping my legs to reach the moon. I insist that I cannot go to the moon without a spacesuit, but my friend says I can. And I watch him do it! I see him waving at me from the moon. He returns right back to swinging with me, telling me that I can do anything. My parents say that I have an imaginary friend, but this friend of mine is real. If he isn’t, then why is my heart so full after playing together?

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