Now What?

Now What?


24”H x 30”W x 1.5”D

  • acrylic on canvas

  • palette knife

  • smooth textured background

  • subtle amber undertones

  • light gloss finish

Free shipping and insurance in the lower 48.

(please contact us for shipping beyond the continental US).

the story:

How disappointing! Now someone is left out. We can’t comprehend why someone would go and ruin the fun. Anger and frustration oozes. A teenage prank or pure vandalism? Seriously. Why? We work together to figure out if there’s any way to correct the situation. First we try to climb the poles. I try getting up on your buddy’s shoulders but it’s still too high. One goes and finds a long stick, but it is too short. Eventually we give in to walking back home to get a ladder. Hands keeping the ladder stable, another climbs its steps to finally set free the imprisoned swing. We leave the swings satisfied that today we did something great. We walk taller, wiser, and victorious.

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