The Swings

The Swings


Dimensions 24"H x 48"W x 1.5"D

  • acrylic on canvas

  • palette knife

  • smooth textured background

  • subtle blue undertones

  • light gloss finish

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(please contact us for shipping beyond the continental US).the story:

I have memories, stories of the moments spent on a swing, at the school playground or the neighborhood park. Maybe you do too. The instant I retrieve those memories I can smell the air, feel the sweat of my hands, and experience the emotions of the ride. Thrill, laughter, nerves, smiles, thoughts being sorted. I am transported back to the dreams and stories made up while swinging. I am reminded of the joy and delight of childhood wonder. 

All it takes is a swing. Getting on is like a portal into another dimension. I can be on a rocket ship in outer space or an airplane in the sky. I can drift into the clouds or into a newfound land. It’s an adventure! Time is converted into imagination as I’m thrust into a make-believe world. 

I can go by myself or with others. Regardless of who goes with me, I can drift into another dimension of life. 

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