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The Star Series

The Star Series

“Let there be…” He spoke. “Let there be…” He continues. On and on.

“Let there be…” The Master Artist creates. His reverberating voice echoing to

my heart, mind and soul. I am not exempt from His love song. No one is. As I

look upon His creation surrounding me, I am without excuse. The throb of God’s

heart pulsating for me. I am His beloved child.

His starlights spoken into existence fill the expanse of the heavens, ushering

in the day and night, markers for the seasons and the ages. Like an awestruck child,

I look up in wonder, asking, “Who created these?” He calls them all by name,

not one is missing. Each portal to heaven glimmering and shouting out their own

distinct glory. They sing praise to the Jeweler who set them in place. His

handiwork on display, I pause and question, “Who am I, God, that you are mindful

of me?”

It is in Him, the Bright Morning Star, blameless and pure, I too will shine like

the lights in the sky, holding firm to the word of life. Bright and beautiful, I am filled

with joy, as my life is filled up with the light of the knowledge of God in Christ Jesus.

Repentant, humbled, thankful, I carry this lighted star shine drumbeat as a precious


Yes God! “Let there be… Let there be… Let there be.” Your steadfast love, oh,

how it endures forever.

Biblical references.

Gen 1:3; 14-18, Gen 15:5, Ps. 147:4, Ps 8:3-4, Ps 148:3, Ps 19:1, Ps 136:7, Is. 40:26, Matt 2:10, 1Cor 15:41, 2Cor 5-7, Phil 2:15, Rev 1:20, Rev 22:16

The Kids

The Kids

"Love is..." tee

"Love is..." tee